Cote d’Ivoire Summary

International Goldfields Ltd has established an Ivorian entity, and made applications for exploration tenements in the name of IGS in Cote d’Ivoire. Applications are being reviewed by the newly appointed Minister of Mines in Cote d’Ivoire.

IGS has made applications on two emerging greenstone belts for more than 1,600 square kilometres of mining tenements within the larger Birimian terrain that is host to major gold endowment and several multiple million ounce deposits in the region.  Areas applied for are early-stage exploration targets and IGS intends to commence surface mapping and surface geochemical reconaissance upon grant of tenements to prioritise projects against other Company assets for advanced exploration.

About Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast provides very good infrastructure in several locations and is one of Africa’s best developed countries thanks to a strong agricultural industry.  However, Ivory Coast has indicated its intention to diversify its economy and provide an exploration friendly environment for foreign investment. The government is positioned to provide a stable political climate for uninterrupted exploration and development that can allow major increases in gold reserves.
Ivory Coast has the largest proportion of the Birimian aged greenstone belts that hosts deposits in Burkina Faso and Mali.  IGS is well positioned across several of the country’s underexplored greenstone belts to implement its technical expertise for potential discovery of major gold deposits.